About Us:

Tierra Fresca's Origin 


Woman-owned + environmentally conscious

Tierra Fresca, a registered WA Social Purpose Corporation, prioritizes the well-being of people and the environment above profits. We craft directly-traded superfood beverage mixes designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. We plant one tree in the Central American rainforest, contributing to a greener and healthier planet.


✼ Transparent supply chain 

Directly sourcing from farming cooperatives with fair trade practices and paying a thriving rate for premium products

✼ Beyond Organic

Solely supplying from farms with organic & regenerative methods of agriculture, such as agroforestry to prevent deforestation and support biodiversity.

✼ Herbalist-formulated products

Premium quality ingredients & effective formulations (high bioavailable - our products really work!)

✼ Simple & delicious, turnkey products:

Just add liquid, mix and enjoy!





Transparent Supply Chain

01. Small-holder farming cooperatives

We ethically source our raw ingredients, (such as- cacao, panela, and ramon) from small-scale farming cooperatives in Guatemala, where generations of farmers have worked in harmony with the land to cultivate these nutrient-rich ingredients.


02. Light Processing & Superfood Blend Formulation

Our ingredients undergo minimal processing and are carefully formulated into potent superfood blends, preserving their natural benefits.


03. Packaged & Shipped to Tierra Fresca warehouse

We ship our products directly from our manufacturers to our warehouse in the USA, streamlining the supply chain and ensuring a close relationship with our producers.


04. Non-profit donation - CEPC Toliman

1 % of every sale  will go directly to the CEPEC Toliman: a community-focused permaculture initiative in rural Guatemala founded and run entirely by indigenous Maya-Kaqchikel people. 

Learn more about CEPC Toliman