Our Impact

Our Commitments

At Tierra Fresca, as a registered WA Social Purpose Corporation, we believe in the simultaneous pursuit of the wellbeing of people & the environment over profits

  • BEYOND Fair-trade: We are committed to providing the highest of quality of ethically sourced products while simultaneously ensuring that every hand involved in the supply chain is honored & paid to thrive, not to simply survive.
    • Did you know? According to Fairtrade International, fair-trade cacao beans in Guatemala are currently priced at $1.00 per pound, while the cost of production is $1.30 per pound!! At Tierra Fresca, we pay our farmers roughly 20 Quetzales per pound of raw cacao beans, which is equivalent to $2.60 USD per pound.
    • By paying our farmers over 2.5X above fair-trade wages, we empower them to thrive in their lives, break free from the cycle of poverty, as well as to produce premium quality cacao (vs focusing on quantity).


  • Regenerative: We source our ingredients from farms with regenerative and organic methods of agriculture. Additionally, we plant 1 tree per 1 product sold, supporting regenerative methods of reforesting the Earth with the help of our non-profit partner One Tree Planted.  



Supporting CEPC Toliman in rural Guatemala

1 % of every sale  will go directly to the CEPEC Toliman: a community-focused permaculture initiative in rural Guatemala founded and run entirely by indigenous Maya-Kaqchikel people.

They are dedicated to protecting the environment and empowering the local community through ecological agriculture projects and training. CEPC runs monthly workshops to teach individuals how to start and run ecological family farms.


To learn more, visit cieloglobal.org